29 April - 18 May 2015


Let’s Dance International Frontiers (formally Let's Dance International Festival) is an annual programme of dance in Leicester, UK that celebrates International Dance Day. Launched on 29 April 2011, the festival was part of the celebrations associated with the staging of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The aim of the festival is to raise the profile of dance throughout Leicester by offering a range of performances by local, national and international artists that reflect the diversity of the city and to give opportunities to new, emerging talent.

It will:

  • Showcase some of the best of international dance practice
  • Showcase new work by professional UK dance companies
  • Platform graduate dance students looking to start a career in dance
  • Produce an education and workshop package that offers practitioners a chance to sample a range of dance styles
  • Host a Dance on Film programme
  • Host a seminar/debate for practitioners to discuss the impact of cultural policy on dance practice.


The idea behind Let’s Dance was introduced in 2007 when Pawlet Brookes (then the Artistic Director of Peepul Centre, Leicester) introduced an International Dance Day into her artistic programme. By celebrating International Dance Day, Leicester has the opportunity to use excellent art to connect to its diverse demographic communities who tend to live in segregated pockets of the city. Through the global themes of the festival, there is an opportunity to create connections and mutual cultural understanding. The festival will also
present emerging young artists and arts managers an opportunity to challenge their thinking through practical development.


Let’s Dance allows access into dance for those practicing dance at different levels and for audiences who enjoy contemporary dance performance that reflects the diversity of the diverse communities who live in the UK. Let’s Dance will give a voice to practitioners who are at an early stage in their careers, as well as those who need an opportunity to pilot thought provoking choreographic works.

For more information on this year's programme visit www.ldif.co.uk