A Brief History of Urban Bush Women

So we all know that Urban Bush Women are coming to Leicester in May 2016 to showcase their new work Dancing With ‘Trane, but what we might not know is their performative history.

No need to fret as in this post I will give you all the basic info as to how they became the company that they are today!

Please see below a timeline made by myself (with a bit of help from the Urban Bush Women website) for your educational benefit!

With all the quotes I have found and put into the timeline, it is so obvious how UBW was and still today is driven by socio-political issues.

How do you think the company has evolved over the years according to the timeline? Drop me a message to be featured! jessica@serendipity-uk.com

Better yet, join in the conversation at our international networking event Stepping Out of the Barriers: Black Women In Dance conference! Get your tickets here!

UBW Timeline





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