Heather Saunders

The popularity of AI and deep fake

Georgina Payne As of late, computer technology has made great strides in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), allowing us to complete the

Serendipity on BBC Bitesize

Serendipity Digital Innovation Manager, Georgina Payne, was interviewed on BBC Bitesize, giving young people advice and inspiration when making career choices. She was

Black Manifesto! Anita Gonzalez

READ! Will ya! Educate your damn self. That’s the tenth and final commandment of Black Manifesto. In this episode, Pawlet is joined by

Black Manifesto! Cynthia Oliver

We’ll start with an easy question, “Does race matter?” In this episode, Pawlet Brookes and Cynthia Oliver explore the ninth commandment, “Race matters,

Black Manifesto! Project X

“Platform yourself, and know when to de-platform yourself, comrades.” In this episode, Pawlet Brookes explores the 7th commandment with Project X Co-Directors Mele

Black Manifesto! S Ama Wray

Édouard Glissant said it, I repeat. “Opacity. Own it.” In this episode, Pawlet Brookes and Dr S Ama Wray discuss the sixth commandment

Black Manifesto! Gladys Francis

Recognise statecraft for the witchcraft it is. This he fifth commandment of nora chipaumire’s Black Manifesto is the spark for a dialogue between

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