Black History Month Leicester

Black History Month (BHM) takes place each year in October. In Leicester, we mark the occasion with a programme of events that promote the history and contributions of African and Caribbean communities. Our programme helps us to understand the present through our past. Serendipity was awarded the tenure by Leicester City Council and has overseen BHM in Leicester since 2012.

Each year our programming centres around a unifying theme.

Keep an eye on this page for news about the full 2021 programme.


BlackInk is a new incisive magazine focusing on Black arts, heritage and cultural politics.  Rooted in the events of 2020, and the uncertainty of the opportunity to share physical space during Black  History Month in October, BlackInk is a creative response bringing together a range of interconnected international voices from across the African and African Caribbean Diaspora and indigenous communities.

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Blackchat is a year-round forum to exchange and progress ideas and plans for issues which directly affect Black communities. We invite everyone to be part of the conversation so we can live and work together with more understanding and respect. It is a platform to discuss political and social contexts. Blackchat aims to celebrate Black success and value Black contribution.

BHM Programme


Black History Month 2021: Call Out For Events

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