Aftermaths with nora chipaumire

with nora chipaumire and Pawlet Brookes

YOUTH – creative repudiation – who else must DEGAGE???

 nora chipaumire envisages ten more commandments of the Black Manifesto, that recognise not just a moment in time, but a continued need to keep action and activism alive.

In this podcast, hosted by Pawlet Brookes and created by Serendipity Institute for Black Arts and Heritage,  Black women from around the world respond to nora’s provocations, addressing how we shape a new world in which Black women are seen and heard.

The guests on this podcast share their reflections unapologetically, so please be aware of strong language and references to personal struggles and traumas.

“Who is coming to save the Black African woman from the world? We have to save ourselves.” – nora chipaumire

Resource Pack
Contains context, transcript and reading list.

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