Black Women in Dance is officially launched!

What can I say this has been a great project allowing the sector to come together and celebrate.  To recognise our contribution to dance as Black women internationally.  Raising the profile of Black women in dance across all genres.  At Serendipity we are so proud to launch the publication which captured the spirit and the mood in the sector, from those just starting out coupled with those that have been around and been part of shaping the sector to become more inclusive and supportive of different voices, different styles and different techniques.

We were privileged to spent the evening with Sharon Wray and her family.  Sheron is such an inspiration as she showed emerging dancers that there are a number of different careers to have in dance and you don’t have to see coming from UK as a barrier.  Sheron stepped out of the barriers and created an international voice born out of a Black British experience.

Black Women in Dance: Stepping out of the Barriers is the fourth in a series of publications that ensure key voices who have shaped dance are not forgotten, as we build the series and push the boundaries it’s great to be part of leaving a legacy that was at the heart dance innovation.

As the evening drew to a close leaving us all on a high we started to look forward to the next time we could all get together and realise that it would not be too long, with One Dance UK’s Re:Generations conference taking place at in Birmingham later this week, allowing us to keep Black women in dance in the mainstream.

As for me and Serendipity, we have taken on the feedback of hosting more sector specific event with LDIF+ a series of courses offer access to national and international dance practitioners who can drill down on technique and build the skills and confidence of the next generation of dancers and choreographers. So look out for the first weekend residential course ‘Finding your Choreographic Voice’ taking place next March.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Black Women in Dance: Stepping out of the Barriers, available through our shop on Amazon.