Got an opinion about something, got something to say, want to talk, or interested in what other might think? Then BlackChat is the forum for you.

Just as the Cabinet Office announced it Race Disparity Audit, BlackChat had deputy director of health for Leicester, Ivan Browne, give his own personal views on where we are when we look at Black health.

Is the Black community healthy, what do we mean by health, and what is the relationship between health and wealth?  These questions and many more were explored as we took a more global look at what health really means. Health is bigger than high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, and as with most things, good health was linked with power, wealth and opportunity.


Last week, BlackChat looked at heritage with Treasures in the Archives featuring collections manager Victoria Northridge. Again, the issue of recognition, education, and power had a part to play. Who records history, what items are valuable, and from who perspective? These questions were the main concerns of the audiences.

BlackChat gives the community a chance to have an opinion, look at policy, look at issues that have an impact on their immediate community, Blackchat is a voice.

So, as Black History Month is now over for another 12 months what next for Blackchat? Do we need to continue the conversation? Should BlackChat take place every month? These are the final remarks where made to the audience with a resounding yes, we need more opportunity to talk.

So what next for Serendipity and BlackChat? Well, watch this space and follow the blog as we share the next series of topics and dates when we can come together and chat.



Blackchat is a year-round forum to exchange and progress ideas and plans for issues which directly affect Black communities. We invite everyone to be part of the conversation so we can live and work together with more understanding and respect. It is a platform to discuss political and social contexts. Blackchat aims to celebrate Black success and value Black contribution.