Developing Your Choreographic Voice 2

Developing Your Choreographic Voice 2 finished earlier this week, bringing to a close four days of intensive exercises and techniques. Providing artists with the tools to find their own voice in their work.

 The course was led by Catherine Dénécy, Dr Sharon Wray and Cosimo Keita Cadore with each practitioner bringing their own expertise in movement and rhythm. The course was attended by participants from a range of creative practices; dancers, choreographers, actors and musicians all benefiting from the opportunity to delve deeper into improvisation and their own creative processes.


Developing Your Choreographic Voice is a chance to learn techniques from leading practitioners, not otherwise widely available in the UK. Catherine Dénécy has drawn on her African Caribbean background to discover the relationship between dancer and musician. Dr Sharon Wray, originally from Leicester and now based in California, she has developed her own praxis Embodiology, which encompasses music, dance and wellbeing. Both brought a holistic approach, with Cosimo accompanying with percussion throughout the course and connected the dots between music and movement.


It is always a pleasure to see the journey and learning that participants, and the growth, both personally and professionally that can take place in such as small space of time.

Thanks to the course leaders and participants alike as we look forward to presenting the next Developing Your Choreographic Voice in March 2018.