Attenborough Arts Centre Soundbites Lunchtime Concerts – BHM Special

Attenborough Arts Centre

MAJONJI AFROBLUES presented and performed by Mellow Baku and Vidal Montgomery

A collaboration between interdisciplinary/sound artists Mellow Baku (vocals, guitar, looping) and Vidal Montgomery (double bass, electro sounds).
Warmly held in frequencies of voice, beats and bass notes, Majonzi Afro Blues is an expression of Black perspective and lived experience of loss over the last 2 years: personal and cultural, local and global, through song, sound lamentations and vibrations, words and no-words.

‘Majonzi’ (Swahili) translates as grief, or deep sorrow.

This performance is in support of The Majonzi Fund, founded by Patrick Vernon OBE and via The Ubele Initiative, providing bereavement and grief support to Black & Racialised Ethnic Communities affected disproportionately during Covid-19.
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