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BlackInk is a new incisive magazine focusing on Black arts, heritage and cultural politics.  Rooted in the events of 2020, and the uncertainty of the opportunity to share physical space during Black History Month in October, BlackInk is a creative response bringing together a range of interconnected international voices from across the African and African Caribbean Diaspora and indigenous communities.  With original cover artwork by Patricia Vester.

BlackInk is an interface between a physical magazine and digital content, exploring Black British Theatre, arts and culture, Afrofuturism, activism and identity and new writing.


The Black Manifesto
How do we live and breathe in revolutionary times?
nora chipaumire

Black History Month: Blak History Month
Solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
Sam Cook

Seeding goodness in the wake of genocide
Hyppolite Ntigurirwa

The Hole in the Wall
Chaédria LaBouvier

Artists forging new creative landscapes
Ade Coker
Tolu Coker
Stephen Anthony Davids
Shangomola Edunjobi
Ana Paz

Full list of contributors and the official cover reveal coming soon.

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Image Description: Two magazines on a grey backdrop. The magazine covers are completely Black, text reads ‘BlackInk’.