Born to Manifest


As part of the Let’s Dance International Frontiers launch day (29 April) we will also showing the online film series Born to Manifest by Jospeh Toonga in anticipation of the live outdoor performance of Born to Protest to take place in Leicester in June 2021.

A four part series responding to hip-hop theatre work Born to Manifest By Artistic Director Joseph Toonga. A work that Illuminates the systematic racial cycles and their impact on Black British men.

With two response collaborations from Theo Oloyade/Godson & Elliott BanksJade Hackett & Nuna Sandy.

And Born to Manifest transfigured to a short film.  The kinds of art that put change into motion and empowers the next generation of dancers.  Born to Manifest is a song for male vulnerability, sensitivity, and the power of kinship – Katie Hagan – Dance Art Journal

Digital Dance and Discussion is part of Let’s Dance International Frontiers (LDIF), an annual international dance festival produced by Serendipity.  The festival features performances, discussions, workshops and a conference exploring dance as a medium for positive change.

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LDIF Programme

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A black and white aged image of a man's face, cropped in tight to frame his eyes and mouth.

Colonisation in Reverse: Jean-Léon Destiné Exhibition

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Black British Dance Platform LDIF21

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A black and white image of a man in mid leap with his head facing down, he is wearing a baseball cap with the text Black British Dance in Conversation in white text above his head.

Black British Dance Platform: In Conversation

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Nehanda: nora chipaumire

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LDIF21 Online Conference – Creating Socially Engaged Art: Can Dance Change the World?

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JOMBA! Digital Edge: Intimacies of Isolation

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A group of dancers stood on stage lit in a red light with their hands up.

Spirit of Jazz: BOP Jazz Theatre Company

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Globally Connecting: My Voice, My Practice In Conversation

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Dance Double Bill: Yinka Esi Graves and Maya Taylor

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A woman sat in illustration studio at a desk with a notepad on her lap

Spot a Day Dance Diary: Patricia Vester

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A woman in a white shirt looking straight forward at the camera

Jazz Dance In Conversation with Dollie Henry

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