Interpretation – Siren Calls: To an Illusive Journey

Image Credit: Analeise Auguste, Monique Jonas and Ebony Robinson in Siren Calls: To an Illusive Journey. Interpretation by Monique Jonas. Photograph by Stuart Hollis.

Commissioned by Serendipity Institute for Black Arts and Heritage, composed by Philip Herbert with two independent choreographic interpretations by Monique Jonas and Thomas Prestø.  Siren Calls: To an Illusive Journey seeks to honour the Windrush generation and crystallise their experiences.  With choreography that encapsulates the strength, tenacity and spirit of adventure into a new world, whilst the fluidity of the music for string quartet considers echoes of the past, hopes of the future and the density of the middle passage.  This work, embodies the energy of different choreographers and spaces, recognising the richness and legacy of the African Caribbean Diaspora in the UK.

The film will showcase behind the scenes footage on the making of the shows: including interviews with the producer, composer, choreographers and musicians.  Interpretation – Siren Calls: To an Illusive Journey is a unique look into a multifaceted creative practice.  A voice of hope, aspiration and dreams that a generation still have to navigate.