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Temperature on the Streets is a multifaceted creative response to connect people from across Leicester’s diverse communities, and beyond, in the wake of COVID-19, featuring a Bi-Weekly Bulletin and podcast series.

Episode 2: Mental Health with Leyla Okhai and Pawlet Brookes

In our first episode, we discussed the state of public health in Leicester and in Black, Asian, and marginalised communities throughout the UK. Now, we’re taking a closer look at our mental health and what needs to be done to address the immense pressure so many find themselves facing. Leyla Okhai is a coach, mediator, inclusion and wellbeing practitioner who serves the community through her company Diverse Minds. She joins Pawlet Brookes to share her insights.

Episode 2 Resource Pack

Episode 2 Transcript

Episode 1: COVID-19 with Ivan Browne and Pawlet Brookes

COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting Black people and other minority groups in Leicester and the rest of the UK. Why is that? How is this challenge connected to the parallel struggles of
Black Lives Matter and the Windrush Generation? What can we do about it? In this episode, Pawlet Brookes speaks to Ivan Browne, Director in Public Health and Sport at Leicester City Council to discuss these questions and the larger impact of COVID-19 on Leicester.

Episode 1 Resource Pack

Episode 1 Transcript


Serendipity has developed a new podcast series that addresses issues facing Black, Asian and other minority and marginalised communities in Leicester. The podcast series explores a range of topics including the impact of COVID-19 and practical advice in the aftermath, mental health and wellbeing as an informative dialogue with community activists, academics and experts. The podcast provides support and advice to help people to rebuild their lives and their communities. Given the current spike in cases in Leicester and lockdown being renewed in the city this is a much-needed resource.

Bi-Weekly Bulletin

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Temperature on the Streets, October 2020, Issue 3

Temperature on the Streets, September 2020, Issue 2

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