The Big Debate: Where is Dance Now?


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COVID-19 has seen dance studios close, rehearsals suspended and stages kept in the dark, amidst this, alternative creative projects utilising digital media have flourished and the sector is starting to emerge and envisage what the post-COVID future of dance might be.

But where is dance now?  What impact has COVID-19 had on dance training?  Who has access to dance?  How have dancers and choreographers been affected?

This international panel features nora chipaumire, Jonzi D, Sharon Watson, Javier Torres and will be chaired by Pawlet Brookes.

Please note this event will be lived captioned by a registered speech to text reporter.

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Image Description: On the shoreline of a beach a man in shorts raises his left leg, points his toe inwards and stretches his right arm upwards, crossing his left arm across his body, his hand flexed. Text reads ‘The Big Debate: Where is Dance Now?’

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