Welcome to Black History Month 2020, a programme that has never been more relevant or important given the events of the last year; the renewed urgency of Black Lives Matter and the impact that COVID-19 has on our everyday lives and in particular on the Black community.

Given this impact, the ways in which we are able to recognise Black History Month this year are slightly different from previous years.  BHM2020’s theme is looking at over 60 years of Black British Theatre, as social distancing continues, we might not be in a position to share physical space in the same way as we once did.  However, everyone who is a part of this year’s programme has thought of creative response from outdoor exhibitions and socially distanced performances to educational resources, online events and tangible publications to bring a piece Black History Month home.

Black History Month Leicester 2020 provides an important opportunity to bring all of Leicester’s communities together, as a point of focus and visibility, recognising the contribution of the African and African Caribbean community to Leicester.

We would like to that everyone who has contributed to this year’s Black History Month hope you enjoy this year’s programme of events, that bring interconnected voices together, to create and share work that showcases Black arts, heritage and cultural politics

Pawlet Brookes
CEO and Artistic Director


For many years, Black History Month has played an important role in the cultural calendar for Leicester, but this year holds particular significance.  2020 has seen people from around the world, including Leicester, come together to protest peacefully, unite and to show support for our Black communities.

Black History Month is an opportunity to recognise the contribution that the African and African Caribbean community have made to Leicester, listen to the voices of our Black communities and educate ourselves.  Leicester’s own history demonstrates how people from all backgrounds have fought racism and injustice together, and this year I hope you will engage in what the programme has to offer, as we work to build a better future.

Although the Black History Month programme might look slightly different this year in consideration of current restrictions and social distancing, there are still many creative ways to participate.  My thanks goes to Serendipity for coordinating this year’s programme and the innovative response of curating a magazine and online events, and to people across Leicester who have contributed to Black History Month, whilst also ensuring that our communities keep safe.

Peter Soulsby
City Mayor


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