What is LDIF all about?

Hello Everyone!

Happy New Year and all that jazz! Hope everyone is having a great year so far, especially with the upcoming and long-awaited Let’s Dance International Frontiers 2018! Today you have me, Keila DMU graduate and current Intern at Serendipity.  With the New Year having come and gone, it brings in its path 2018, and with 2018 it brings another year of Let’s Dance International Frontiers. Yes! Everyone you read that right, LDIF is back for another year and it’s only around the corner: with more performances, workshops and opportunities to offer.

LDIF is well known for inviting and working with artists from around the world such as Urban Bush Women who as we may all know bring to the fore issues of equality through dance, showing their unique flair on stage and offstage when working with others. Their ability to present great performances and engaging workshops is one of the reasons why once again we are delighted to welcome back Nora Chipaumire. Well known for her past choreography for Urban Bush Women, or her vibrant discussions from last year’s LDIF17, Nora will kickstart LDIF18 and mark International Day of Dance. What better way to start LDIF18, because to be honest with all of you I can’t imagine anything better!


With the launch of LDIF18 we will be welcoming various workshops, masterclasses, performances and films, allowing different cultures and backgrounds to perform and present their own stories, through their own workshops and masterclasses. We also have various films to offer at the renowned Pheonix theatre, with a wide range of different films such as a look into Federick Davis’s journey in ‘From the streets to the stage: The journey of Federick Davis’ and documents on the roots of Tango in an eye-catching film of ‘Tango Negro: The African Roots of Tango’  and, if that’s not your cup of tea, we also offer the chance to sit with Namron at the New Walk Museum who if you didn’t know was one of the first Black British dancers to be employed by a British Dance company, where he will discuss his experience growing up and what he went through.

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I mean what more could you ask for? And I’ve only just touched the tip of the iceberg, there are endless opportunities. An experience to learn from all of these performances, a chance to listen to their stories, a chance to discover and discuss.  The options are endless. You’ll enter this frontier without any idea or with an idea but you’ll definitely come out with new knowledge and a new understanding of diversity, culture and tradition.

So, don’t miss out on this year’s LDIF. I’m not saying it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity but you’ll never know when you will have the chance to experience it again, so don’t miss out, or give yourself a chance to regret it, you’ll realise how eye-opening this experience could be.

Hope to hear or read about your experience, this is Keila… Over and Out!