Lost Legends: Artist Directory

Lost Legends is calling out to local artists to get involved and showcase their work.

A new online directory that highlights local talent and artists from the African and African Caribbean community in Leicester and the East Midlands.

Serendipity are calling out to local artists interested in showcasing their work to a wider audience through an exciting new online directory that highlight the work of artists from the African and African Caribbean diaspora.

The opportunity is FREE for any artists from the African and African Caribbean diaspora, as part of Lost Legends, a Heritage Lottery Funded project to mark 30 years of Black History Month (BHM) in the UK, celebrating the achievements of the African and African Caribbean community.

Serendipity  launched Lost Legends website, www.lost-legends.serendipity-uk.com, alongside the new digital directory of local artists, includes a media archive with oral history clips and videos and blog posts of archival stories, photographs and historical information. The website will continue growing with new content in the lead up to BHM and beyond.

Serendipity are reaching out to both emerging talent and established artists from the region interested in being part of a network showcasing the wealth of local talent and bringing diversity to the forefront in the arts, the digital directory is a unique opportunity to share work with local, national and international platforms.

Artists whose biographies currently feature on Lost Legends Digital Directory include Rosetha Claxton, The Orator ‘Boston Williams, Carol Leeming, Victor Richards, Mellow Baku, Jean Binta Breeze amongst others. To sign up to the directory is simple, applicants will need to send a photo, a short biography, alongside links to websites or videos of their work, and are advised to contact info@serendipity-uk.com for an application form.

Pawlet Brookes, Executive Artistic Director, Serendipity said: “Lost Legends is a fantastic opportunity to record African and African Caribbean achievements in the local community as well as an opportunity to share emerging talent as part of our new digital directory on our website with our growing audiences across the local, national and international platforms.”

For more information, please contact Serendipity on info@serendipity-uk.com or call 0116 2577316.