New York, New York

Our volunteer Sophie Machin tells us about her recent trip to the Big Apple.

Where to start speaking about my time in New York with De Montfort Dance Society? Well, first starting with that it was absolutely fantastic and would like to say thanks for De Montfort University Dance Society and DMU Global for the amazing opportunity to be in New York for a whole eight days with five other members of the dance society!

Arriving in New York City was so vibrant and busy, was a slight shock to get adjusted to but yet fun at the same time. The vibrant yellow stream of taxis and a glimmer of light from seeing New York for the first time was mesmerising with also trying to reassure myself that I was in fact in a place that I dreamt of visiting from a young age.

Without forgetting the top sightseeing lists of going to the top of the Empire State Buidling, Rockefeller Centre, a circle line cruise around Manhattan, going over the Brooklyn Bridge, seeing the beautiful Statue of Liberty, visiting Central Park and its zoo and tasting the delightful food of New York. You cannot forget how dance is approached and big it is over in New York! Round every block a street dance group performing, a ballerina performing on an open window bus tour and being shown where all the big top Broadways shows are shown around Times Square. Without forgetting eating in Ellen’s Stardust Diner whilst the staff are singing and dancing around the restaurant… amazing! We also bumped into Amanda Castro and Stephanie Mas from Urban Bush Women at the Hudson River Dance Festival (although unfortunately we missed their show due to taxi traffic!) However having time to have a catch up since Lets Dance International Frontiers was wonderful.

This trip will forever be in my memory and I hope to go back and explore more of the dance culture there soon!

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