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Creolizing Dance in a Global Age brings together key voices for a discourse on the complex relationships between ‘Creolization’ and dance, especially those embodied within the dynamics of Caribbean. This publication provides a perspective on a new area of research with contributions from L’Antoinette Stines, Artistic Director of L’Acadco: A United Caribbean Dance Force; Patrick Parson, Artistic Director of Ballet Creole; Marie-Laure Soukaina Edom, founder of Essence of Women Dance Ensemble; Gladys M. Francis from Georgia State University; Hilary Brown, programme manager for Culture and Community Development at CARICOM; Pawlet Brookes, Artistic Director of Serendipity and with an introductions from Verene A. Shepherd, the University of the West Indies.

“The Creolization of dance and music in the French Caribbean reveals the complexities of this geographical location. It creates an ageographical space going beyond borders, beyond identities rooted in one single place of origin. This Creolization is in movement, it keeps moving, changing, and creating cosmopolitan sounds and movements of French Caribbean people and themselves, who circulate across borders and boundaries. They bring the outside in, and the inside out, making Creolization a continual re-centring dynamic.”
– Extract from the paper Africa, France and the French Antilles: Beyond Négritude and Créolité in Dance by Gladys M. Francis.