Hidden Movement: Contemporary Voices of Black British Dance


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Hidden Movement: Contemporary Voices of Black British Dance explores the seldom told history of Black Dance in the UK. It features contributions from leading professionals, researchers and dancers, including; Dr Patrick Acogny, David Bryan, Hilary S Carty, Keisha Grant, Jackie Guy MBE, Sue Harrison, Namron, Henri Oguike, Lee Payne, Dr Bob Ramdhanie, Dwayne Simms, Kenneth Tharp OBE, Djoee Tomakloe and Sharon Watson, with an introduction by Pawlet Brookes. A snapshot of social history; the narrative of Hidden Movement explores changing politics, policies and terminology, through the personal journeys of those who have shaped the story of Black British Dance.

“I had to lie to my parents about where I was going for six months. But then when it came to my first performance I finally had to tell them where I was going. I would be coming back late at night all week and I didn’t think I could lie to them much longer. So they came to the performance and were sat in the front row. The first piece I was in, I was dressed up as a scarecrow. I was standing there, head down, hat, straw coming out from everywhere and all I heard was “Jesus”… “Jesus! It’s him!”… My Dad was quite supportive but my Mum gave me a hard time through those early years of dancing, which I was not prepared for. A young man from a Caribbean family, I had been given the chance to be an apprentice in engineering, to make my way in the professional world of England – and I gave it all up for dance.”
– Extract from the paper 50 Years in Dance and Still Dancing, by Namron.

“Black” Dance in England: The Pathway Here – Hilary S. Carly

Do We Need the Term ‘Black Dance”? Kenneth Olumuyiwa Tharp OBE

The Black Dance Development Trust (BDDT): 1984 – 1990 A Voice for The African Dance Sector in The UK – Dr Bob Ramdhanie
Kokuma The Early Years – Jackie Guy MBE

New Voice, New Style, What Are Dance Audiences Looking for? – Dr Patrick Acogny

New Dancers and A New Aesthetic – Djoee Tomakloe

Black British Dance: The Impact of Cultural Policy on Dance – Sue Harrison

Creating and Sustaining a Dance Company in a changing Economic Climate – Henri Oguike

The Struggle for Survival – Keeping Heritage Contemporary Dance Fresh, Vibrant and Relevant – Sharon Watson

50 Years in Dance and Still Dancing – Namron

A Forgotten Dance Form Given a New Life – Lee Payne

The Struggle to Be Heard – Dwayne Antony Simms

My Voice, My Story; A Vision for Black British Dance Today – Keisha Grant

The Equality Agenda for Black British Dance – Nubian Steps – David Bryan

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