BlackInk Issue 3 (Print)


BlackInk is a magazine focusing on Black arts, heritage and cultural politics.  An interface between a physical magazine and digital content, BlackInk is a creative response bringing together a range of interconnected international voices from across the African and African Caribbean Diaspora and indigenous communities.

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Issue three explores the theme of independence, from critical discourse on international politics through to personal reflections.  The artform of focus for this issue is music, taking a journey from jazz to Lover’s Rock, 2-tone and ska.


Insight: Black British Music
The Great Reveal: The Value Black Creativity – Soweto Kinch
Lovers Rock Nostalgia – Lisa Amanda Palmer
2-Tone: Music and a Movement – Pauline Black
“Putting on a Performance”: A personal perspective from a Black classical musician – Tony Graves


Sculptural Heritage – Kelis Darko
Poetry Looks Like Me – Ty’rone Haughton
NOIR – Rose Aïda
A Journey Through Sound – Jada O’Neill


Arts and Culture
Practices of Rooting and Spaces of Performative Becoming: Establishing British Caribbean Diasporic Identity through Dance – Tia-Monique Uzor
Black Digital Dance Revolution – Georgina Payne
Leading Whilst Black – Hilary Carty


Voices of Independence
The Intimacy of Independence – Caroline Johnson
The Road to Independence – Gus John
Little Britain – The Republic – Sandra Pollock
Afrofuturist Autonomy – Henri Tauliaut


Place and Space
Slavery Abolition or Break the Chains? They didn’t free us; we freed ourselves – Kwame Nimako and Stephen Small
Raising Cane: A call for the return of an artefact of the Haitian Revolution – Khamal Patterson
Racial Justice Conversations in the Dialogue Box – Anita Gonzalez
Mapping the Black European Experience – Natasha A Kelly and Olive Vassell

The Gayelle In Perpetuity – Jamie J Philbert


New Writing
Walk Good – Marcia White
Hibiscus – Pam Williams


Spotlight: Latinx Amplified – Pawlet Brookes
The Interview – Vanley Burke


Cover Image Issue 3: Chaman by Henri Tauliaut