Nicole by Tina Rasmos Ekongo


Nicole Ocran

Acrylic on cardboard

31cm x 24.5 cm


Original Artwork – As seen in BlackInk Issue 4

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Tina Ramos Ekongo is an Equatorial Guinean painter and illustrator who lives and works in the North West of England. She grew up in Spain between Madrid and Zaragoza, she studied art and crafts at Escuela de Artes, Fashion Design at Escuela Superior de Disenyo in Valencia and International Marketing at Sheffield Hallam University. Focusing on portraiture, she is influenced by African traditional murals for health campaigns and the artwork found in African barbershops and hair salons. The materials she uses serve as a juxtaposition to the undervaluing of Black women in EuroWestern societies and their real value as pillars of their communities and forces of change. Using cardboard as her principal medium, it gives a new value to a disposable material and highlights the exquisite beauty and resilience of the Black woman in different shades.