Black Dance: A Contemporary Voice


Black Dance: A Contemporary Voice is an exploration of the processes behind creating choreography that blends techniques from the African and African Caribbean Diaspora to create new vocabularies.  Contributors provide their own reflection on contemporary dance practices, whilst examining what ‘Black dance’ means today, whether this is reflecting on the joy and pain that comes with doing your work, the real impact that cultural policy has on creativity, the use of technology, the essential need for codification and training and what it means to be a guardian of legacy.

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“Black expression or technique on a Black person is often viewed as merely an expression of nature (innate ability) and would first be framed as Technique, as an expression of discipline, work and intelligence, if displayed on a white body.  This continues a structural gap in funding, investment, perceived value and continued commodification as opposed to the validation of cultural significance for the Black ‘body’ and the multiple art forms in which this particular experience is manifested.”

Thomas Talawa Prestø


Pawlet Brookes
Ronald K Brown
Thomas F De Frantz
Gladys M Francis
Chester Morrison
Thomas Talawa Presto
Alesandra Seutin


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Valeriane Louisy Louis-Joseph in Four Corners. Ronald K Brown/Evidence, A Dance Company.  Photographer Stuart Hollis.


Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: (Paperback) 978-0-9926319-9-4
ISBN: (EPub) 978-1-9163965-8-6