In Situ: Responding to Space, Place, People and Time


Dance can be anywhere, in a studio, on screen, in the streets, on a stage; dance can bring communities together, share lived experiences beyond barriers and express moments of joy. Dance can be a powerful tool for change, whether that is defining our own spaces, challenging the white gaze, responding to places of trauma, addressing that we are part of an ecosystem and environment, acknowledging our embodied histories, the moments in our life that have shaped us and honour the legacies that we carry.

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This publication brings together dance artists, practitioners and educators with a particular reference to the Caribbean, to share ideas and research as a part of a collective questioning exploring In Situ: Responding to Space, Place, People and Time.

“Being an artist is an in situ of its own. We come into our practice as an act of love and many times for us as an act of revolution.”
Eduardo Vilaro


Pawlet Brookes
Annabel Guérédrat
Yinka Esi Graves
John Hunte
Monique Jonas
Thomas Talawa Prestø
Henri Tauliaut
Makeda Thomas
Eduardo Vilaro


Cover Image
Ashley Mayeux in Paris. Photographer Melika Dez.

Publication Year: 2022
ISBN: (Paperback) 978-1-913862-13-8
ISBN: (EPub) 978-1-913862-14-5