Reflections: Cultural Voices of Black British Irrepressible Resilience


Reflections is a publication that brings forth the contributions of Black people in arts, culture and heritage from a British and Afroeuropean perspective, rendering them visible.  It explores historical and contemporary contexts and how these are expressed in various art forms.

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Reflections brings together key voices who, covering a range of art forms from theatre and dance, to classical music, carnival and literature, showcase the Black British voice and identity.  The contribution that Black British artists have made in the UK and internationally, the changes that they have witnessed and the impact of cultural politics and policy on shaping the arts sector as we know it.


“I’m not suggesting that challenging colonialism and its legacies are the primary or main goals of Black expressive culture, but I have argued throughout… that Black expressive culture has played a crucial role in such challenges.”

Stephen Small


Pawlet Brookes
Eddie Chambers
Philip Herbert
Carol Leeming
Tara Lopez
Maureen Salmon
Kadija Sesay
Stephen Small


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Portrait of a woman, Gugulethu, Cape Town, South Africa by AfricaImages and Portrait Noir et Blanc by sy.thiero, Getty Images.  Design by The Unloved.


Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: (Paperback) 978-1-9163965-1-7
ISBN: (eBook) 978-1-913862-01-5