Uncovering the Dance Within: Origins and Authenticity


Uncovering the Dance Within: Origins and Authenticity is an exploration of what it means to dance, told through the voices of dance practitioners from the African and African Caribbean Diaspora. The publication explores embodied practice, the impact of racial trauma of the body but also the empowerment offered by movement vocabularies from the Diaspora and their use as a critical tool.

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“As we move through our artistic lives we must pay attention to the impulses of our own bodies in motion, respond to the guidance of our mentors (I use respond because sometimes we resist our mentors as much as we follow their instructions), embrace our heritage and access our imagination through physical and mental practices. We want to keep all these streams healthy.”

Anita Gonzalez



Pawlet Brookes
Alexandria Davis
Christian Davenport
Anita Gonzalez
Freddy Houndekindo
Antoine Hunter
Cameron McKinney
Shamel Pitts
Thomas Talawa Prestø


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Christopher. Photographer Melika Dez.

Publication Year: 2023
ISBN: (Paperback) 978-1-913862-18-3
ISBN: (EPub) 978-1-913862-19-0