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Dance4 join us to select Signatures applications!

Last Tuesday (Nov 24th), our Artistic Director Pawlet Brookes and Dance4 producer Stuart Allen came together in the Serendipity office to select the dance artists performing in the Signatures event for Let’s Dance International Frontiers 2016!

A record number of applications came through this year from all corners of the globe: India, Serbia, Taiwan, America, Austria and a great deal more to be exact! What more proof could you ask for that we aim to expand the international frontiers?!


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If you haven’t heard about Signatures before, here is all the relevant info:

  • Signatures is a platform that nurtures and supports emerging dancers and choreographers by showcasing their work at Let’s Dance International Frontiers.
  • The event is in partnership with Dance4, De Montfort University and Leicester’s Curve Theatre, so is an ideal event to be making fantastic connections with industry professionals!
  • 3 of the 7 artists selected are chosen participate in the Autograph event the following year. This means that they have to keep creating work over the next year and ensures artistic development.


So, what do we look for?

  • We look for dance works that are impactful for its audiences, whether it is a narrative, abstract, issue based or simply down right entertaining.
  • We consider what it contributes to our current contemporary dance society not only in terms of movement but also politically and culturally.
  • We also love seeing works that are innovative and incorporate new ways of involving technology or visuals.

Previous Signatures choreographers have included Fenfen Huang and Cameron McKinney, both of whom have gone on to create spectacular works since performing with us.




We are excited to reach out to all of this year’s successful applicants, and encourage anyone to send their information through to us next year!

We always keep the details of all applicants in our books just in case any future opportunities arise that we feel could be perfect for you and your development!