Signatures Catch-Up: Dan Daw


With a New Year comes a new LDIF programme, and with a new LDIF programme comes a plethora of performers for the Signatures event. As always, we are keen to show off the best new work of emerging talents, and this year the topic at the centre of the event is journeys and identities. You can expect to see a vast variety of pieces reflecting the individual interpretations of each artist, you won’t want to miss out!

The beauty of Signatures is that we create a platform for new and developing artists to shape the dance sector, allowing their voices to be heard through dance.

With the excitement of 2017’s Signatures bubbling away, now is our opportunity to reminisce about previous Signatures artists and have a look at their post-LDIF adventures. In particular, we’re looking back at Signatures 2015 artist, Dan Daw, artistic director of the Australian company, Murmuration. Dan showcased his piece ‘On One Condition’. Choreographed by Graham Adey and performed by Dan, ‘On One Condition’ was a stripped back, undying at attempt at perfection. The piece followed one man and his pursuits to hold the world on his shoulders with all its beauty and grotesqueness. ‘On One Condition’ asked the audience to question their own perceptions of what ‘normal’, offering up the bare bones of the world we live in.

Image Credit: Danni Spooner
Image Credit: Danni Spooner


“I was constantly proving myself and proving it wasn’t a hobby. I had what it took.”

Since presenting an excerpt of ‘On One Condition’ as part of Signatures in May 2015, Dan later developed the full version in Sydney, Australia, in partnership with Murmuration before returning to LDIF with the work as part of Autographs and is taking the work to the Adelaide Fringe Festival next month.

‘On One Condition’ aside, Dan is beginning to enter a new period of choreographic research supported by the Jerwood Choreographic Research Project with ‘Porno’, as he explores the wider notions of inspiration beyond disability and its relationship to audience need and expectation.

Dan Daw’s post-Signatures adventures act as proof that the platform that LDIF can take a performer anywhere enhance their creativity and encourage inspiration.

This year’s Signatures is taking place at the Curve theatre on 4 May, so don’t miss out!