Starbucks Challenge: @LetsDanceFront #RedCupCheer

We’ve all seen the unusual controversy stirred by Starbucks’ minimalist Christmas cups. Whilst many believe that this is their attempt to ruin Christmas, I am writing to inform you that the Red Cup is here to do much more good than Scrouge-like evil!

Launched on Novermber 16th, Serendipity is one of the 200 charities chosen to participate in Starbucks’  Red Cup Challenge to win a £1,000 Grant!

To help us win this grant we ask you, our devoted supporters, to make social ‘noise’ in aid of your favourite festival Let’s Dance International Frontiers 2016 (LDIF16).

By simply tweeting @LetsDanceFront with the hashtag #RedCupCheer you can help us win!

Starbucks Red Cup Challenge

So why should should you show your support? We are a diversity-led arts charity and our high quality works and events reflect the demographic profile of the UK. We create opportunities for emerging artists, showcase local, national international artists, support local venues and bring people together to celebrate, engage with and enjoy dance.

Pawlet Brookes is the Artistic Director of Serendipity, and said “We’re thrilled we have been chosen to participate in the #RedCupCheer challenge. It’s very humbling that organisations such as Starbucks and Neighbourly really care about the work that charities like Serendipity do, and want to support them and help raise their profile.”

The Starbucks Director of Corporate Affairs, Simon Redfern, stated that “we’ve sought to be a force for positive action in the communities we serve […] By bringing customers together for some #RedCupCheer, we hope to support some great local charities and celebrate the work they do every day of the year.”

danni & jessica red cup cheer serendipity blog
Me & Danni supporting #RedCupCheer on twitter!


The team here at Serendipity hope that you are feeling festive and will support us for this much needed grant! This will seriously help make our events created for you to be the best that they can be!

Remember, use the #RedCupCheer hashtag and @LetsDanceFront handle.

Alternatively, you can support us through

Get mentioned by us for every tweet you do and thank you in advance!