Ivan Browne

Professor Ivan Browne DL Fellow of the Faulty of Public Health (FFPH)


Born in Leicester, Professor Browne is the son of two proud ‘Windrush generation’ West Indian parents and is closely linked to this and other local communities.  He has worked in public service for over 35 years and was the former Director of Public Health for the City of Leicester and was at the forefront of leading the city through the COVID 19 pandemic.  He is currently a Professor in Public Health and the Social Determinants of Health at De Montfort University and a non-executive Director at University Hospitals Leicester


Ivan is a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health, where he has been awarded with the President’s Medal for his contributions to Public Health.  He is an honorary Doctor of Loughborough University and is a Deputy Lieutenant for Leicester and Leicestershire.  He has been named as one of the Rising Stars in the Health Service Journals 50 most influential Black, Asian and Ethnic people in health in both 2022 and 2023.  He was awarded the National Impact Award, by the nation’s 4 Chief Medical Offices at the 2023 Association of Directors of Public Health Conference.  He also sits as a member of the national NHS Assembly


As well as his vocational interests in health and wellbeing, Ivan is a keen advocate for the expansion of supportive and equitable learning environments and developmental opportunities for children and young people from underserved communities.  He is passionate about finding ways to tackle the significant levels of health and social inequality evident within multicultural urban environments like Leicester.

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