Three is a magic number…


*Calling all future choreographers!

You are in for a real treat! Three choreographers, all hailing from different parts of the world are teaming up to lead an intensive weekend of practical and discussion seminars as a foundation to explore and develop your own choreographic voice.

Representing the UK is the electric Sheron Wray, formerly a principal dancer with London Contemporary Dance Theatre and Rambert Dance Company. In a nutshell, she self-titles herself as a ‘Performance Architect’ – very accurate depiction of her choreographic voice. She teaches on Dynamic Rhythm: A Neo-African approach to improvisation-as-performance. One of her performances, Bodily Steps to Innovation (link below), integrating speech and movement in which she guides as through a story on how you can let your body think and help change your mind. Check her out. She is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!


Representing the USA is the silky-smooth Cameron McKinney. As a volunteer for LDIF16 last year, I was given the role to be Cameron’s artist liaison. I can honestly say this is one of the most exciting opportunities I have had shadowing an emerging choreographer. Founder of Loft technique, a unique blend of street dance style—waving, breaking, house, and more with contemporary floorwork and sensibilities. Through this amalgamation of movement styles and Japanese culture, he injects aspects of his experiences as an African American. Cameron’s movements look like water – fluid yet fused with his great athleticism, the impact is powerful.


And last but not the least, representing the Caribbean is the Catherine Dénécy. During the LDIF16 Launch last year, she presented an hour of non-stop high impact performance which gave a lasting impression to the attendees as a choreographer with so much flavour. Her work,

           ‘Mi-Chaud, Mi-Froid is inspired by the life and work of a Guadeloupean political leader Lucette Michaux-Chevry. It is the portrait of a Black woman who gave her life to allow Guadeloupean consciousness to access a state of majority and pride’

(Dénécy, April 2016)

Watching her videos on YouTube gave the impression of a powerful woman – an aura which exudes feistiness and sass (in a 21st-century definition) whilst embodying her Caribbean diaspora. In person, she is humble and a kind spokeswoman. I would definitely not want to miss receiving a wealth of knowledge from her.

This three-day intensive weekend training is not an event to be missed! Every experience and opportunity gives you that one step closer to polishing and finding your own voice in a creative context. The event is exclusive with limited spaces so make sure to book your tickets online now!


For further information, do not hesitate to click the link below.