Jawole Willa Jo Zollar and the members of Urban Bush Women Company are offering not just one but a two-day course focused on a series of practical masterclasses and discussions that provide an insight into Jawole’s creative approach.

Jawole’s choreographic voice is originated and continually evolving from the energy, vitality,  and boldness of the African American community that she grew up in. Her ideas bring forth the vulnerability, sassiness, and bodaciousness of the women and use those experiences to address socio-political issues within the community. Recent works such as Dark Swan (2014) and Walking with ‘Train Side A &B (2015) truly highlight the mission she continues to cultivate for her company.

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As a part of their tour in Leicester for Let’s Dance International Frontiers 2016, I had the privilege of taking part in a workshop led by Jawole herself. Last year was a great experience and no wonder they are coming back to lead another workshop and to do more is a fantastic opportunity!

My experience:

The workshop began with a technique masterclass which focuses on core strength, pelvic mobility, stabilization and creative power. Her approach is very hands on in terms of giving personal feedback. I mean I remember myself in a Martha Graham contraction per se until she feels I have the technique embodied and engrained into my brain. Whilst pelvic movements are not my thing, I found myself exploring movements and challenging parts of my body that are not exercised to their full range. Then after that, we learnt an expert from Dark Swan (2014), one of the work they showed at LDIF16 and then discussing the work in a Q&A at the end of the session. From this experience, I have benefited from understanding my bodily function as a mover as well as exploring my creative and individual approach to movement. It has also been a great insight to the type of work they produce and experiencing the dance for ourselves who took the class.

In this extended two-day course, the participants can expect to have a further in-depth experience of what they have thought in the workshop that I did last year and additional sessions such as gaining knowledge in making dance through different creative tools and methodologies.  The course also aims to develop your solo voice for choreographic inquiry whilst being part of a collective group. Entering the workshop means you are part of the collective community, and there will be a chance to collaborate with other artists by understanding, often questioning or even challenging the existing values, leadership, and history of a community.


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