What Should you Expect from Germaine Acogny in LDIF 2018

We have just 13 weeks to go before we celebrate International Dance day on the 29 April! But most importantly with 13 weeks to go until the launch LDIF 2018, I thought I would give you a bit of an insight into what to expect from one of our visiting artists, Germaine Acogny. During the festival you’ll be able to listen to Germaine as the keynote speaker in Ancestral Voices, see her perform in Somewhere at the Beginning and even dance alongside her in a Masterclass.  With many years of experience and still performing into her 70’s this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. So who is Germaine Acogny?

A true pioneer when it comes to the development of African people’s dance worldwide, Germaine Acogny is heralded as the ‘’ with her technique and practice recognised worldwide. While her style is deeply rooted in popular African traditions, it is not ‘a return to the root’ approach to African dance. Her style of teaching encourages people of all cultures and forms of training to open up to African dance, its richness, power and strength and to use it as a new source of inspiration. She offers, through her technique, a sense earth, rhythm, pulse and the chance to discover a new energy flow in the body.

Germaine Acogny


You can safely say that this masterclass in ‘African dance of Modern Expressionism’ will be a unique experience to learn from the creator herself. The class will focus in on the use of improvisation and the use of the spine. With the intention that each participant will leave with a new understanding of how traditional dance can influence their own style and form.

  Somewhere at the Beginning will be rounding up the festival as the final performance of LDIF 2018. A solo performed by Germaine herself you can expect a stunning piece that uses both African legends and Greek mythology to explore Germaine Acogny’s personal and family history. Through an amazing use of multimedia, she speaks directly to her great grandmother Alphoo, a Voodoo Priestess, an undeniable icon of ancient Africa. In opposition to that she also speaks to her father a guy who was recommended and chose to forget his past in order tobe considered ‘civilised’ in the eyes of other cultures. While Germaine struggles to discover an identity from this confusing history, the piece presence the essence of loneliness for the performer and presents the intimacy that it can offer the spectator.

GermaineAcogny1 (1)


Although this piece may seem to look back to the past it has a major relevance today tackling issues of emigrationand exile. It is important to reflect upon these issues in the past in order to explore how we can move forward. Somewhere at the Beginning takes it source in the past, its roots in the present and crosses space and time to approach the future with the spirit of forgiveness. In my opinion another reason this piece should not be missed!


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